VH-30R Mini Red One Vertical Line


  • Laser Module: Aspheric collimator lens
  • Laser Wavelength: 635nm
  • Power: <5mw
  • Line width: <1.8mm/5m
  • Accuracy: ±1.0mm/5M
  • Projection angle: >120°
  • Self-leveling range: ±3°
  • Weight: 0.175kg (excl. batteries)
  • Power Supply: 2AA Batteries(3V)
  • Duration: 18 hours for single line
  • Operating temperature: 0℃~+45℃
  • Exterior Size: 73x73x36mm
  • Product Detail

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    VH-30R Mini Red One Vertical Line

    VH-30R Mini Red One Vertical Line

    ● Features

    1. One Floor line.

    2. Mini size, portable, easy to use.

    ● Basic Package

    1. User Manual Card

    2. Blister packaging

    VH-30R Mini Red One Vertical Line

    VH-30 laser red of one vertical line, it is easy carry small tool , easy and put in your pocket. The main function project a red line  from the floor to the wall and then to the ceiling, facilitating the installation of water pipes and fire pipelines, interior decoration partitions and doors, and window installation reference lines.

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