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Shanghai Jiabei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, laser products research and development, production and sales as one of the comprehensive enterprises. Our products include laser levels, laser modules, laser Pointers and a number of other construction-related accessories, the most influential modern city Shanghai.

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  • What are the types of spirit level

    1.. Classification according to the working principle (1) Mechanical spirit level Mechanical level can be divided into three types: bar level (also known as fitter level), frame level and group level. They are indicated by level bubble, so mechanical level is also called level level or bubble type. Spirit level. The strip spirit level is a rectangular level measuring instrument with a base measuring surface, and the level bubble is fixed or can be adjusted relative to the base measuring surfa...

  • How the spirit level works

    The level tube of the spirit level is made of glass. The inner wall of the level tube is a curved surface with a certain radius of curvature. The tube contains liquid. When the level is tilted, the bubbles in the level tube move to the end of the level to determine the level position. The larger the radius of curvature of the inner wall of the spirit level, the higher the resolution, and the smaller the radius of curvature, the lower the resolution. Therefore, the radius of curvature of the s...

  • What are the inspection methods of the level?

    A level is a common measuring tool for measuring small angles. In the mechanical industry and instrument manufacturing, it is used to measure the inclination Angle relative to the horizontal position, the planeness and straightness of guide rail of machine tool equipment, the horizontal position and vertical position of equipment installation, etc. Next, I will explain the knowledge of level in detail. 1. A brief introduction to the level A level is a common measuring tool for measuring small...