VH-181 Green 2 line


  • Working range: Up to 20 M*, 80 M with receiver
  • Lens type: Aspheric collimator glass lens
  • Wavelength: 520nm
  • Line width: < 1 .8mm/5M
  • Accuracy: +0.5mm at 3M
  • Angle of projection: Horizontal 180°, Vertical 120°
  • Self-levelling range: +2.5°
  • Brake mode: Magnet
  • Function: 1 Horizontal line, 1 Vertical line
  • Power supply: 18650 lithium battery
  • Operating temperature: -10°C~+50°C
  • Weight: About 300g ( exc. batteries)
  • Size: 88x46x94mm
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    This product belongs to the automatic pendulum type design projection Angle exceeds 180°)
    Model:VH-181 Green 2 line
    1. This product belongs to the design of automatic pendulum. If the instrument is placed 50CM in front of the wall, the laser line over 5 M indicating line on the wall ,Suitable for narrow toilet of Narrow construction space。B. Display the remaining battery capacity; C. Pocket Green 2 Line is easy to carry
    if the laser beam is too bright, please press receive key laser power will be reduced by 45%, when the sun outdoors, can't see the laser beam, recommend purchasing the danponlaser production receiver, models: LR - 8 G,the laser receiving frequency 300 Hz ,the horizontal distance at 80 m, the vertical line at 30 meters, easy
    (Aspheric glass lens with 97% transmittance • Light is clear and bright)
    2.Product features: Laser focusing lens adopts DANPON aspheric glass lens with a light transmittance of 97%. It can withstand laser thermal expansion and  cold contraction, high temperature, uniform laser collimation, no distortion of focal length, fine light, clear and bright normal operation.
    Laser projection distance up to 20M
    3.Product use: indoor decoration indicator line, casting light at a distance of 20 M, suitable for extensive site use, such as ceiling construction, water and electricity installation and use in partition board construction, very accurate for aluminum doors and Windows installation.The bottom of the instrument is attached with 5/8 thread, which can be adjusted with tripod and wall bracket
    Simple operation
    4..Power supply mode; One 18650 battery is used, and a locking switch is pushed forward on the left side of the instrument, that is, it projects the light at the horizontal line by pressing the switch on the top, and it is vertically bright by pressing the function key. When the tilt of the instrument exceeds 2.5° light flicker (800ms) and didi sound, please adjust the instrument to the flat position until the light stops blinking. It is a very practical
    (Exquisite aluminum box • Dustproof, shockproof)
    5.Packing method: exquisite aluminum box packing, dustproof, shockproof and easy to carry out.

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