How the spirit level works

The level tube of the spirit level is made of glass. The inner wall of the level tube is a curved surface with a certain radius of curvature. The tube contains liquid. When the level is tilted, the bubbles in the level tube move to the end of the level to determine the level position. The larger the radius of curvature of the inner wall of the spirit level, the higher the resolution, and the smaller the radius of curvature, the lower the resolution. Therefore, the radius of curvature of the spirit level determines the accuracy of the spirit level. The spirit level is mainly used to inspect the flatness, straightness, verticality and horizontal position of equipment installation of various machine tools and workpieces. Especially when measuring the verticality, the magnetic level can be absorbed on the vertical working surface without manual support, which reduces the labor intensity and avoids the measurement error caused by the human body’s heat radiation to the level.

The bottom and side of the spirit level are right-angled structures with a length of 2000mm, and the accuracy is generally (0.02-0.025) mm / m. If the user has special requirements, it can be customized individually. The zeroing structure of the spirit level is unique, compared with the conventional structure: 1. Easy to zero. 2. After adjustment, the zero position is not easy to change. As shown in Figure 1. When the V-shaped groove bottom of the spirit level rotates around the core axis for 5 times, if the bubbles move, you can meet the requirements by adjusting the screw 2. This item has been adjusted at the factory and is generally unchanged.

The structure of the spirit level varies according to the classification. The frame type spirit level is generally composed of a spirit level main body, a horizontal level, an adiabatic handle, a main level, a cover plate and a zero adjustment device. The ruler level is generally composed of a level body, a cover plate, a main level and a zero adjustment device.

The spirit level uses a spirit level as a measuring tool for measuring and reading elements. The level is a sealed glass tube, and the longitudinal section of the inner surface is a circular arc surface with a certain radius of curvature. The glass tube of the level is filled with a liquid with a low viscosity coefficient, such as alcohol, ether and its mixture. The part without liquid is usually called a level bubble. There is a certain relationship between the radius of curvature of the longitudinal section of the inner surface of the glass tube and the graduation value. According to this relationship, the inclination of the measured plane can be measured.

Post time: Jan-09-2020